Proper steps to take before starting a youtube channel

(Last Updated On: February 2, 2023)

Starting a YouTube Channel?

Top 9 golden steps to take before Starting a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an easy process.Most of the people Starting YouTube channel for personal or business purposes but after some period they are facing some issues about their YouTube channel like account ban, low traffic, no brand image…etc.
so to overcome those situations, here I am providing some steps to consider before Starting a YouTube channel

Step 1.Read and follow the community guidelines of YouTube

It is very important because many YouTube channels have disappeared after some period due to the violation of community guidelines.Do not select a category like nudity, harmful, violent, copyright, threats, spam..etc.
YouTube will remove that particular channel where you spend a lot of time and hard work for Starting a YouTube channel.All your effort throw into a dustbin except the experience you gained from that.

so be sure to check out YouTube community guidelines.

Step 2.Target your audience

select a category which you like to create, for example, technology, sports, education, film entertainment, fashion, your hobbies, cooking videos, political news…etc, so that you can easily enter into a particular niche.

Create videos that you’re passionate about.because viewers should impress by the content you created and must feel those are viewers will recognize your hard work which reflected on your videos.

Step 3.Username

it is very important because your audience identifies your channel with this username.
so keep it simple and memorable. and another important thing is to decide whether you to create a personal name as your YouTube channel or starting an artificial username for your YouTube channel.
As you can see in the example here, The YouTube channel created with the personal name and artificial name.

 Personal name

personal brand account

Artificial name

The artificial brand account

here google is not human and Narendra Modi human.

Step 4.Language

it depends upon on the target audience and the command you have in that language. for example, you are targeting country like India, Hindi and English are most preferred languages.where people can understand the language.

Step editing

The video appearance will impact viewers attention. The actions you were done and the background music with your effective voiceover and little bit graphics in Lowerthird as well as intro and outro makes a perfect video. use best video editing software’s like

Paid Video Editors:

  • Advanced users
  • Beginners
These all software’s apart from that there are some free video editors available online.

Free Video Editors:

2.Windows expression encoder

Note: Don’t forget to place an intro and outro in your video to get your brand promoted to next level.

Step 6.Don’t join any  YouTube Networks (MCN – Multi Channel networks)

I suggest you, do not join any YouTube networks until you crossed 100000 subscribers.
because so many of YouTuber’s are suffered by bad YouTube MCN and lost most of their revenue and unable to get out from their networks.
so YouTube has a Decided to help Those YouTube creators and gives a flexibility option Remove MCN access from your channel, so I case if you face any problem with MCN then you can come out from that Network.
Read more about MCN from the following links:

Step 7.Show your consistency

you should upload videos in a consistent manner like daily or twice in a week or once in a week. so that viewers can pay attention to uploading pattern and expect a video from your channel on that date which helps you in getting views and subscribers.

Step 8.Launch YouTube channel at least with 5 videos

Launch with 5 videos

Many of YouTuber’s done a small mistake in promoting their channel.

if a viewer has seen your YouTube channel with one video then he might not get interested in subscribing to your channel.
so if you upload at least 5 videos at your channel creation then he might watch other videos available on your channel then the chances of getting subscription will be high.

Step 9.Patience

success will not come overnight, so try to be patience from the starting stage until you get success.
For example, Earning in work does not even got 10 subscribers for about six months and later it has got views and subscribers.
later due to changing in policies of YouTube, this Earning in work had been removed, saying that this channel looks spam, but again I started same YouTube channel which is under creation process. why I am saying this is that there will be up’s and down’s for every task and we have to prepare to face it.
so please be patience.
Finally, these are some steps to take Starting a YouTube channel and our next step is Starting a successful YouTube channel and we will learn in upcoming posts.
And if I had missed any point be sure to update me in the comment section below.
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