sell photos online

Selling photos online? Does it work? of course, so many of you are thinking like this only.

some people are passionate about photography and some do it as a hobby. if they want to turn it into a profession or parttime work then this question arises, where to sell? how to sell?

I will write a separate article on how to take photos as professional, this post is limited to places where you can sell your photos and Best sites to sell photos online with high royalty and other matters related to it.


what kind of photos do you want to sell?

Photos of Nature and landscapes
Photos of Jobs and careers
Photos of Pets and animals
Photos of Business and finance
Photos of Science and technology
Photos of Education
Photos of Family
Photos of Healthcare and medicine
Photos of Food and drink
Photos of Seasonal and holiday
Photos of Special occasions
Photos of Fitness and wellness
Photos of Fashion and beauty
Photos of Sports and recreation
Photos of Moods and feelings
Photos of Travel destinations
Photos of Architecture/Buildings

you may think that who buy will these photos, that’s a nice question generally digitalization has grown tremendously, all businesses and their websites need images for their marking needs and other people decorate their houses with are photographs. so they search for best photo selling websites to purchase photo/picture or contact freelancers to complete their work.

Things to remember before selling a photo online

  • it should be your own creativity or you have the proper license to sell that photo.
  • are you selling photos with exclusive(you have right on the photo after selling it) or non-exclusive(you can hold the license to sell to others) license to get rid of future misunderstandings.
  • understand website terms and conditions to whom you are selling.

Sell your photos online with these sites:

Websites Royalty – Exclusive Royalty – Non-exclusive
iStockPhoto 22-45% 15%
Fotolia 20-63%
Alamy   50%
ShutterStock 20-30%

The websites given below are having different licenses on the photo selling but have high royalty payments – 70% on sales

500px Prime  – 70% on sales

CanStockPhoto – 50% commission

123R – 50% of sales or $0.36 per download

Bigstockphoto – 30% on sales $0.38 per photo

there are many no. of photo selling websites available on the internet.

most of the creative photographers are earning money through freelancing websites like upwork

one thing you should remember that you are not going to be rich by selling photos online but you can make a decent money for your needs.

I hope this article will you a little bit in the online photo selling, don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below and give suggestions to us.