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Selling Ebook Online is the best idea to promote your Blog or Business to the next level.In this Digital world, ebook plays an important role.Many Writers earn Money by Selling Ebooks at a Certain Price. Ebook is just like a printed textbook which was in electronic form. Ebook can be created in many formats. some of the popular formats are epub,azw,lit,pdf,odf,mobi,… etc.

This Post is limited to how to sell ebooks online easily. I will later make a separate post on how to create an ebook in step by step.

Earn cash from an ebook in two ways, one is to create your own ebook by writing stories, health tips, education, technology,…etc. and become an author to it and sell in popular online websites.


20 Websites to Sell and Publish Your eBooks

second way is register in a freelancing websites and get work to create ebook for a specific topic given by them.

freelancing websites are

  1. up work
  2. freelancer
  3. fiverr,..etc

my advice for new authors is to publish your content for free to some extent or for a limited period. Because your ebooks are not famous at starting stage. so first give it for free and then fix a price to your ebook.


create more attractive page cover to your ebook. so that readers can attract.

I Recommend you to use which is an awesome place where you can get lots of free stock cover photos and designs which is are easily customizable


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