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      Top 6 sites to earn money by giving answers


 Earning money by just answering the questions(what..????      answer: yes).if you are expert in the particular topic then you can answer any type of question on that topic.
here is some list of sites that will pay you for answering questions and giving advice to them.

Earn money by giving answers

1. here (preferable to U.S residents)

this is a very useful site for home-based workers, here you need to work for 40 hrs in a have to answer questions and get paid and he can also monetize his surfing on the internet.but remember you will get more money based on traffic (i.e popularity for your profile) otherwise very less income.

2. justanswer.comclick here

here also you can get paid for answers, the amount is paid by them for accepting your answer by the customer and also 20% commission on payment received by minimum payout is 25$ through Paypal.
  • is there any benefit for joining in this:

they provide core benefits to their employee’s like medical, dental, vision, generous PTO, and employee equity share and also provides extra benefits

– getting full access to their entire network so we can questions to other experts ,other… at their head office.
  • can i earn by referral earning:
you can get $10 for every referral

3. studentquestionsclick here

 Get PAID as a part-time tutor.Pick and choose the questions you want to answer at anytime you you have to register and post the resume for free. it is important to remember that students only select tutors with high ratings and good feedback, so start off by answering a few questions for free at staring stage to build up your reputation after that your reputation will increase your earnings.If you want to start your own homework forum?  then create forum (it’s free)!
  • how can i get paid:

4. here

they provide free service to their customers but you can earn money by advertisement of your answer as best answer by them at different places of their webpage.the process will be clearly explain on their website.
  • is their any referral programme ?
they provide 10% commission on earning of user joined by you (no limit)

other related sites:

5. experts123.comclick here
6. indiastudychannel.comclick here


here i am providing some important websites where you can learn knowledge for any information and become expert


by simply answering the question like a tutor but remember your knowledge and qualification plays a key role in join those websites and earnings

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