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(Last Updated On: April 10, 2021)


Ways to make money online

Make money online without investment is not an easy task. when I started to earn money online. immediately a question arises, How to make money fast? so had researched so many online money earning sites where you can get high payouts of money through the internet

So without being said let’s get started.

Friends I had Divided various platforms into 3 categories

How to make money online

1.Video making


3.other money earning platforms like Facebook, freelancing, tutoring, stock exchange, data entry, app creation, software development….etc which has a wider scope to say and helps in earning money online.

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Best ways to Earn money online

Video making

So in 1st category there are





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Before we go to YouTube and DailyMotion, I want to say about twitch and Vimeo.

Twitch is for games and Vimeo is paid service so I don’t prefer them.

Here I want to compare YouTube and DailyMotion for better understanding

On YouTube per day visits are high when compare to Dailymotion and the analytics is are super in YouTube and Dailymotion analytics is just ok.the Youtube is combined with Google Adsense for monetization and Dailymotion has its own AdSense to their website for video monetization.The Guidelines are very strict in Youtube But in Dailymotion, You feel comfort about guidelines.main important thing is customization, Youtube has provided many customization options for the creators and Dailymotion has very limited options

in YouTube and DailyMotion you can earn money by the video you created by monetizing them and you can also earn From sponsor advertisement and by affiliating the products.

Overall I suggest you start with YouTube if you are interested in video making.


And the 2nd category is blogging.

In blogging, there are some websites where you can create free blogs.some of them are,, tumbler etc.

But I prefer you to start with a custom domain with WordPress builder. Like

So in these custom domains, Adsense and affiliate marketing(Cuelinks, skimlinks…etc) play a crucial role.where your money making takes place.

other money earning platforms

3rd category is other money earning platforms.

1. Facebook and other social media: where your earnings will be high in affiliate marketing. Presently Facebook has not given video monetization option.
if it happens in future then chances of earning are high on this platform.

2.Tutoring: simply to say get paid for your knowledge

3.freelancing, Stock exchange, creating apps, software development, website creation…..and list goes on, there is no limit

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OK, friends in this post I had said about sources to earn money but not the knowledge to earn from those sources

(it is not an easy task, so i will share that knowledge from my experience and the struggles faced practically) in upcoming posts, so see you in my next post.

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