how to make money online as a freelancer

                    Earn money by Freelancing as a freelancer

      If you have any skill you can earn money from that,upwork  is the best place to explore your skills,in this site you have to register .
In that you have to take a test conducted by upwork based on your skill submitted by you at the time of registration.If you pass in that test they will give you a score from 0.0 to 5.0.It will display to  public i.e clients,when you bid a project the client will check your score given by upwork and very important is your bidding amount and communication(in writing) with client.
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how to earn, based on your skill
(try in google search tips for bidding in Upwork)

learn some of the skills in my blog posts.

earn: by your skill

if you think you have poor skill in any work don’t worry comment here i will try to give a solution for it.

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