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For every company there would be great logo/icon, people are recognizing their companies by their logo/icon’s
like youtube, google, facebook, twitter, bing, Snapdeal….. These are some of the examples to say how brand logos are important
There are 960,031,652 Websites online right now in December 2015, so by this, we can analyze how many websites are created every is more beneficial to you to earn website logo, T-Shirt Design, Business Card design, Social Media logo… etc are the important aspects of every business.
if you are expert in creating logo/icon then there are many platforms to join as a logo designer and earn money.
some of them are
 Important points to remember before creating a logo/icon:
  • Understand the nature of the organization to know the logo of similar business and make a logo more creatively.
  • Ask your client to compile a list of corporate values or take a close look at their mission statement because your logo must indicate it
  • Logo shapes sent’s out a particular message like circles, triangles, squares…
  1. circles indicate relationships, community… etc.
  2. the triangle indicates religion, science,law..etc.
  3. straight lines and other indicates professionalism, strength..etc.
Colors play very very important be careful in choosing it and their indication
you can go to this link to know more about colors
Another important thing is it should not indicates other companies brand and also it should not be against to public policy.

learn how to create a logo

there different method to create a logo
1.By logo creation software like
2.By online logo creation websites:
3.By android and IOS applications
Here I am giving some apps by which you can draw designs by your own not depending on others designs (use stylus pen) and also I am not discussing drawing tablet like wacom..etc as it very expensive but for being professional designer it very useful.
there are many other apps available freely search in android and IOS stores
4. This technique is not only for logo designer but for all.
Photo to logo converter (educational purpose only)there are some websites which will allow us to design logo but not allow to download(allows download only after payment)then after creating logo take snapshot of your screen pressing windows key+prtsc in case of mac press command+shift+4 or 3 and make adjustments in photo editors like
now convert it into a logo by a software like
or through online best websites like,
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